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Baby Callan and Hannah! Feels good to be home

Baby Callan and Hannah! Feels good to be home

I am so overwhelmed… Vacation can’t come soon enough!

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Erika is this for you!

Erika is this for you!

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I’ve really been sucking at this blogging thing for the last few months. Also, I have to create a new blog for my social media class and it’s not on Tumblr. Using Wordpress has made me appreciate Tumblr a little bit more.

Alex left today =[ and the advancement exam is tomorrow. blahh

Sorry the pictures are blurry but It’s almost finished! I have a few more decoration items to add, which hopefully i’ll get at my baby shower and his room is golden! I’m so happy with how it has turned out. I made his sheets, crib skirt, quilt, the superhero canvas, the felt superhero things on the cube, refurbished the dresser( which took forever) and refurbished the trash can & clothes hamper! Not to mention all of the toys and clothes are from these kick ass consignment one time weekend things and I’m scoring some awesome deals. I think I’ve only spent a total of $100 on all the toys and clothes and about $80 on the decorations/furniture. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of myself for making or redoing all the stuff for him, not to mention how much money I’ve saved too!!!!

I pretty much finished Grayson’s room so get ready for some super cute pictures!