23 y.o World Class Corpsman from the Mitten state. Most of my post will revolve around cats, my husband, and military life.

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You’ve been on the back burner. On brighter new… Next week is my last week of slaving over two courses! 



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if this is true then i think i’m finally going to give in and see Frozen

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Baby Callan and Hannah! Feels good to be home

Baby Callan and Hannah! Feels good to be home

I am so overwhelmed… Vacation can’t come soon enough!

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Erika is this for you!

Erika is this for you!

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I’ve really been sucking at this blogging thing for the last few months. Also, I have to create a new blog for my social media class and it’s not on Tumblr. Using Wordpress has made me appreciate Tumblr a little bit more.